November: New Month, New Intention

Each month I like to set my word of intention. In the past it has been words like abundance, exposure, connection, perseverance.  This month after five months of cranking on my business, I wanted to switch it up and share it beyond just my inner circle. So here is my word.


This is a word I struggle with. I have beaten myself up when opportunities don't click or when I don't hit my numbers. I have criticized myself for not being kind to others and myself. I got sad when I wasn't living up to my other words of intention.  

Compassion means loving, forgiving, and releasing. It allows us all to release the judgments and ill feelings of others that weigh us down. I choose to focus on being more compassionate to myself and others in my life who I am struggling to forgive. 

How do I plan to bring more compassion into my life? If I feel a tinge of judgment come on, my job is to create a compliment in its place. If I hear others speaking negatively, I will offer an alternative view. Each day I will begin my day with a new compliment about myself.

This month especially we need a little more love and kindness. When our views can differ so greatly, this is our opportunity to come together in compassion.