7 Ways to Inspire and Maintain Positive Change at Work

We resolve to eat better, work out, read, spend time with friends, etc. What about the workplace? Would you like to improve motivation and morale? How about increasing retention and decreasing turnover? Awesome!

So, we come up with an action plan to build a super awesome workplace. We email out our plan or have a meeting about our new culture and attitude. A week or two passes and we feel the slide back to the old guard. So, how do we make that plan of positive change stick?

  1. Get People Excited– Just like a grand opening launch, your new culture should be launched with a high energy celebration that is authentic to your company’s values. Be different and show how things will be different. Serve yummy food and/or drinks, smile, interact. This is a party!
  2. Get Buy In– Ask for feedback with open, empowering questions. Rather than bark down change, ask for quantifiable responses on their willingness to participate in the new culture. If it’s not at an 8 or higher, ask more of those empowering questions.
  3. Be Consistent– As a leader, you set the stage. By being consistent, employees know what to expect and what is expected of them. If you stop by two days in a row to say good morning to all employees, but waiver on the third and fourth, your employees will doubt your commitment.
  4. Keep Your Word– Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Along with consistency, your word is your bond. If you promise to meet with an employee, don’t cancel. This is where trust is made or lost.
  5. Reinforce Positive Vibes– If you see positive things happening around you, acknowledge it and participate in it.
  6. Set the Bar High– Go big! This is an investment in your team and yourself. Incentivize positive change with group projects, group competitions, service projects, or other accolades.
  7. Be the Example of What You Want to See– Be the leader you wish you had. Look in the mirror and set your intention to be a powerful and inspiring leader. How do you want to show up to your team? What is the legacy you want to leave?