Life Decisions According to Kenny Rogers

You gotta know when to hold up. Know when to fold up. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.

It's a catchy tune and I'm pretty sure there is an embarrassing video of me as a four year old singing it in the bath tub (Dad - don't even think about it).

On a serious note, those lyrics can provide us with the choices to every decision we encounter. We always have options even when we think we "have to" or "need to" do something. Sure it's ideal to want to do something and be passionate about it.

What I'm referring to are those critical decisions (i.e. whether to stay in a job or a relationship that isn't quite working for us). When we feel like we have no options, we become victims to the situation and can feel dejected. Why bother?? (This is a very level 1 response). We could also feel really pissed off and frustrated that we don't get a say. (This is level 2)

What Kenny is offering us is an awareness to ask ourselves what our real options are.

  • Hold Up - Pause and wait for more information before proceeding.
  • Fold Up - Time to pack it in and readdress the situation from a new perspective
  • Walk Away - Graceful closure with honest exchange.
  • Run - Get the F out of there!

This sounds much more promising to review than the life sentence we feel is thrusted upon us. Yes, it's a simplistic view, but it provides the framework to pause before reacting. We have the choice to be aware and to decide what our best decision is at every step. With choice we have power. With power anything is possible.