The ABCs of Awesome Living

First admission, I loved singing the ABCs as a kid and it seems it hasn’t left me in my adulthood. I woke up this morning with a burning question… Could the alphabet guide us to an awesome, positive, power-packed life?

The answer, of course!

Below is my compilation of the alphabet and the words that resonate most with me to live my best life.

A – Accountability: Keep your word and honor your commitments

B – Bravery: Step out when you aren’t quite sure what’s beneath you

C – Creativity: Imagine, develop and produce ideas and art without fear

D – Depth: Go beyond the surface

E – Enthusiasm: Be passionate and energetic

F – Fearlessness:  Take risks, go on adventures, try new things.

G – Generosity: Give to others and give to yourself when needed

H – Healing: Take time to recharge and resurface

I – Intuition: Trust your gut. It always knows.

J – Joy: Enjoy your bliss!

K – Kindness: Be sweet and loving to others and yourself

L – Love: Share it freely

M – Mindfulness: Be aware and centered in your mind, body and soul

N – Nourishment: Feed your soul and body with goodness

O – Openness: Arms spread wide allowing new ideas, people and love to come in

P – Presence: Show up as your true authentic self and be engaged in every interaction.

Q – Quality: Hold your standards high and give out what you want back

R – Respect: Treat yourself and others how you would treat your best friend

S – Serenity: Find peace and quiet in the moments to reflect and appreciate all that is around you

T – Trust: Knowing that all of this is with purpose and for growth

U – Unique: Be bold and different… it’s pretty awesome!

V – Vulnerability: Be open to be exposed. The more we open up and share, the more others trust us.

W – Worthiness: Know you deserve all the love and abundance imaginable

X – Xenial: Be hostess with the mostest  (sorry X is a tough one!)

Z – Zest: Be spicy and flavorful in everything you do!


What are some of your words?  How do these words work for you?