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“Spitting Fire” Book Launch

"Fall (Back) In Love With Your Career"

"Surge Summit: How to Effect Change No Matter Your Job Title"

"Life Coaches Host Inaugural Spring Cleaning Summit"


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01.13.2017    The Circus Life:


“How Setting Boundaries Can Enhance Your Productivity” Association Success

"13 Most Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls: Sources and remedies" CorpNet

"A Guide to Affecting Change at Work"

"The 4 Phases of Bouncing Back from Burnout"  Association Success

"Magic in the Madness: Can We Learn from Losing" Megan Powers, EventCollab

"Growth hurts. No-pain, no-gain feedback from an exec coach" Meredith MccCaskill, Twelve North Consulting

"Workspaces That Support Productivity and Innovation"