What's The Difference Between Coaching and Consulting?

(I Didn't Know Until I Became a Certified Coach!)

Here's the cool thing... I use all of the awesomeness of coaching to understand what you want (what you really, really want) and then tap into my decades of experience running businesses, building websites, creating graphics and logos and building and executive marketing and branding strategies to bring you even more awesomer services.


Consulting Services

Check out our consulting services below. If you are looking for combination or something different, let us know. If we don't know how to do it, we've got a roster of bad ass creative professionals to refer you to. Contact Us to Get Started.


Social Media Set Up and Strategy

Infuriated with Instagram? Fed up with Facebook? Take a deep breath. I got you! I'll sit down with you to get you set up on the appropriate social media accounts for your business and will develop an outline with branded themes, schedules and tags.

Starts at $400.


AHHHH! I Need a Website (Square Space) 

Together we build your copy, user experience, and brand template to get your 3-5 page website up and rockin'. Then I'll teach you how to maintain it and make it work for you. 

Starts at $500.


I Need To Get Branded

Need a logo, colors that work for you vision, a quirky tagline? I partner with you to bring it all together for you to use on your website, social media and print materials. Check out this awesome 5-Step Guide to Create Your Power Brand I put together for you. (It's free!)

Starts at $285.


Show Me How to Run a Podcast

Did you know I produce and host my own podcast? I sure do! It's The SpitFire Podcast and I can show you how to get it all up and running.  Check out this helpful video I put together to get your Podcast started with a $300 equipment investment.

Starts at $175


Make Me a Promo Video

Your potential customers and clients want to see and hear from you. Why are you keep them from seeing your gorgeous face and getting inspired by your words of wisdom?! Let's make a less-than-a-minute masterpiece!

Starts at $275


I'm Ready for My Close Up.... I Need Head Shots!

I've got lights, camera and action! Basic head shots in your natural habitat. 

One hour session starting at $100.