Here is a curated selection of my favorite things that I recommend to my clients to get inspired, motivated and organized. If you're interested in any of the products, you can click on the image to purchase through Amazon. Enjoy!

(These are affiliate items.)

1. Dry Erase Markers - Even if you don't have a dry erase board, you can use these puppies on any glass surface. I use them on my bathroom mirror to write my intentions and mantras. You can also write inspirational messages to others in your household with these.

2. Post-It Notes - Have a great idea and don't want to forget it? Need to organize your thoughts with more flexibility in order? Solution: Post-It Notes. I can't tell you how many are currently on my wall with ideas for blogs and e-books. I guess it's better than sitting in my head.

3. Whiteboard Wallpaper - This stuff is amazing and perfect if you have limited space and an allergy for putting holes in or marks on your walls with larger boards. Simply cut to the size you want and press it on your desired wall. (You'll want to replace this every 6-12 months depending on use as the adhesive wears out.)

4. Shower Whiteboard - Do you get amazing ideas in the shower, but forget them by the time you're drying off? Then you absolutely need a whiteboard for your shower. Simply write it down and you can go back to it after you're fully dressed and ready to work!

5. White Noise Machine - I sleep like a baby when this bad boy is on. I've been using mine for six years to prevent wake ups from a snoring and constantly moving Bulldog. It's not 100%, but my FitBit tells me I'm sleeping better. I especially love taking this on the road for when I stay in noisy hotels.

6. FitBit - Whenever I'm stuck on an idea, the best way to increase creative flow is to get up and move. My FitBit is a huge part of accountability with hourly reminders to get my 250 steps and my daily goal of 10,000 steps. Any step counter will do, but I love tracking my sleep, heart rate, and steps.

7. Insight Timer Meditation App - This App has over 7,000 recorded meditations along with timers and customizable sounds and music for unguided. I use the Daily Morning Ritual and Yoga Nidra multiple times a week and feel amazingly centered and energized. The best part of this App is it's free!

ASL Journals.jpg

8. Awesome Shit List Journals - What started as an idea for my clients to capture their wins and focus on positive growth is now a fun high-quality journal for you to do the same. These hardback journals make amazing gifts and serve as an accountability tool to focus on the your amazing shit! (Available in Teal, Purple and Black.)

9. Over the Door Planner - Go big or go home! This massive calendar will help you map out your goals, big events and important dates while keeping everyone else on board. Get it out of your head and onto the paper!