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Don’t Get Passed Up for Another Promotion.

Ask for What You Want. 

Enter a Room with Confidence.

Join this power-enhancing posse of eight professionals as we learn, grow and strengthen our inner confidence. If you've been passed up for opportunities or haven't been showing up as your most powerful self, this 90-day program is here to support you to build your Inner Strut.

What's an Inner Strut?

You know that thing inside that tell you you're awesome and a bad ass and can do anything? That's your confidence. But without a strengthening system, it can become exposed to criticism, judgement and fear. When we build up your Inner Strut, we increase your resilience and reduce your anxiety around worry and judgment. When you trust yourself, the voices can be acknowledged and not absorbed.

What's included in the program?

I want to give you all the tools and support you need to launch you into confident awesomeness. In the program you'll get personal sessions to laser focus on you and your goals, group sessions to sound board and build a Posse of Positivity, and assessments to understand yourself at a deeper level. You'll also get workbooks to keep you on track and refer back to later on.

•       3 Private 75-Minute Coaching Sessions (Valued at $600)

•       3 75-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (Valued at $450)

•       Private Online Community

•       ELI Attitudinal Assessment (Valued at $225)

•       Custom Workbook with Values Assessment, Self-Auditing, and Ideal Leader Action Plan

What else do I need to know? Oh yea! Pricing, capacity and when it starts. 

Pricing - The full program is $895 if you sign up before December 10th. What better Christmas present than an investment in you! You have until December 17th to sign up, but the price goes up to $1095 after the 10th.

Capacity - There is a cap at 8 for this program to give you the most focused attention and to really build a solid community of support. If there is more interest, we'll have another offering in the Spring.

Start Time - The program officially starts on December 18th where I'll start your first private session. You'll schedule that as soon as you sign up. After the one-on-ones are complete, we'll have our first group call on Tuesday, January 9th at 8:00pm eastern. Each monthly call will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month unless the group votes for a different date.