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Your SpitFire Self!

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“This book helped remind me of my “why” which is what passion is all about. I have been a high school health teacher for the past 14 years and there are days when I wonder “what am I doing here?”. If you have found yourself asking the same question then this is the book for you!

— Diane Kirk, Teacher

“It’s a must read for anyone feeling overwhelmed and not sure what they should be focusing on.

— Holly Piece, Scents with Pierce

SpitFire (noun)

Someone emotionally and spiritually strong who is free to say and do what they want. Someone who is full of power and passion and exudes and inspires confidence. 

But this is just another self-help book, right?  Well, here’s the kicker, Lauren wrote the book after she did it for herself and worked with hundreds of professional clients working through the same issues. Lauren is a Certified Business and Life Coach, who is also known as The SpitFire Coach.

Using the elements of fire (see?), Lauren weaves her personal story with her clients’ experiences to highlight the three key areas that inspire us to get fired up and become the SpitFire we were always meant to be.

She helps you go from the hypothetical woo woo to a person of action through stories, principles and applicable tools to change your life. It can start as a simple mindset shift and grow to a total life overhaul.


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SpitFire Strategy Session

Uncover Your Inner SpitFire in this hyper-focused strategy sessions. Come prepared with a specific goal and intention and watch the creative sparks fly in this 90-minute strategy-generating session. Fee: $280 (Things I LUV with Discount: $210)


Energy Booster

Need a pick-me-up or a refocus before a big meeting? These highly-concentrated sessions are meant to settle, set and launch you into your most ideal outcome. Whether you just had a tough conversation with your boss or need to run a big presentation, the Energy Booster will help amp you up more than a double espresso! (Sessions last 10-20 minutes). Fee: $65 (Things I LUV with Discount: $48.75)