I understand it can be scary to take the initial plunge. If you're not quite ready for a package or don't have the time for a 12-24 week program, you can book individual coaching sessions and assessments below. If you are ready to fully dive in, you can sign up for a package.

Individual Sessions

Schedule your sessions directly with the links below.

Engine Calls (10-Minute Accountability Sessions)

If you're looking for efficient on-the-ready motivation and accountability, the Engine Calls are for you! My clients love getting a super charge of task-checking, goal setting, and truth-bomb telling. In each 10-minute session, we discuss your progress, your success and challenges and then work together to come up with an achievable and action-oriented strategy to meet and exceed your goals.

  • Single Session: $30
  • 4-Pack (Suggested 1-Week): $120
  • 16-Pack (Suggested 1-Month): $450
  • 48-Pack (Suggested 3-Months): $1300

  • One-on-One Session via Phone, Skype or In Person (DC Only)