You've been working your business for a year or so. You've made some progress and know you have any awesome business, but you need to make critical shifts to take your business to the next level. The referrals are trickling in and you wonder if this is a sign of the times or a temporary dry spell.  You've never had to go out and get clients before and don't want to be creepy or slimy in your approach. You have awesome ideas, but aren't sure how to implement them or where you'll find the time.

If only you had someone to help you clear the clutter to focus on what mattered to make your business successful...

What This Package Does For You

  • A Trusted Sounding Board and Certified Coach
  • Someone Who Understands Your Goals, Fears, Strengths and Pain Points
  • Clear Plan for Your Business Including Vision, Mission, Values, Service Offerings, Pricing, Social Media, Marketing, Website Copy, and Website User Experience
  • Accountability to Your Success

Coaching provides the foundation of understanding and trust, so we can get you where you want to go with your business. By incorporating the ELI or MBTI assessments, we can uncover your additional strengths and potential blocks that may be holding you back. This package is ideal for business owners looking for feedback on their organization’s website, social media, communication, marketing and engagement. I work with you to make it happen!

How This Package Works

The Why: Foundation.

  • On Boarding. Client will fill out the On Boarding questionnaire so we can set clear  expectations in our coaching relationship including a business scorecard, goals, and challenges.
  • MBTI/ELI Assessment. One Assessment and debrief included in package to help you understand yourself as a leader and create stress-reducing tactics.

The What: Vision, Values, Mission, Ideal Leader, Ideal Client

  • The Vision. Client works with LLC to understand the underlying mission, values and purpose of the business. We'll also use a visioning exercise to put you directly where you want to be.
  • Values. What drives you and your business? What is at the core of your business?
  • Mission. We'll take a look at your mission statement and taglines to make sure they're in line with your values and vision.
  • Ideal Leader. What does your Ideal Leader sound like, look like, think, believe and show up? How about you?
  • Ideal Client. Using core energy coping, you'll better understand how your ideal client shows up when they need your business, what you provide and how you want them to feel after experiencing your business.

The How: Marketing Copy. Website. Social Media. Imagery.

  • Ideal Experience for Your Ideal Customer. We can now have some real fun why we apply your "Why" and What" to clean up your marketing copy, color choices, images, service offerings, and website to create the ideal experience for your Ideal Customer.
  • Next Steps to Phase 2. When you feel confident about your business foundation, your leadership abilities, and your website, marketing, service offerings, and social media accounts are in line with your values and mission, we can evaluate your next steps in Phase 2.

What's Included in this package?

  • 12 Hours of Individual Coaching: Phone, Zoom & In Person (DC Only Available)
  • Assessment of Your Choice (ELI or MBTI Step II)
  • Values Assessment
  • Website/Social Media/Collateral Evaluation
  • Online Document Collaboration
  • Custom Action Plan
  • Unlimited Email & Text Communication
  • Awesome Shit List Journal
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