SpitFire Coach

Hey There! I'm Lauren, The SpitFire Coach.

You started your business or career with an undeniable passion and unlimited energy. Nothing could stop you. 

But then you felt the stress and pressure of balancing budgets, executing under tight timelines, exceeding expectations and being all things to all people. Before you knew it, you were in the dark depths of burnout and Impostor Syndrome and that same fire of passion began to dim.


It can be lonely and isolating at the top with everyone looking at you to make the right decision. (I know it, because I lived it and wrote a book about it. Hear My Story.)

So, how do you get that fire and excitement back in your business, career or relationships?

I work with busy professionals to rediscover the fun and passion. With targeted behavior and mindset shifts and consistent accountability, we work together to identify and resolve the blocks to your success. Using the SpitFire Model, we'll dig into your passion, values, self-care, and the ups and downs of your energy to create a custom strategy to get you spitting that fire!  

This is what you can expect from The SpitFire Coach:

  • Focused one-on-one coaching by phone, Zoom or in person (Washington, DC only)

  • Intention-based goal setting

  • No Nonsense SpitFire accountability

  • Client-focused approach to success

  • Systematic programming

  • Trust-based relationship (100% confidential)

  • On-call fun and Dad jokes!

Lauren LeMunyan Coaching & Consulting

Whether you're getting an idea off the ground, have been in business for a couple of years and need a little tweaking, are looking for a career change, or need some honest feedback on your leadership skills, Professional Certified Coach Lauren LeMunyan brings a direct, intuitive and fun approach to coaching and facilitating awesomeness.

Her clients have experienced a doubling in revenue year over year, increased confidence to launch a side hustle, found the courage to leave a 15-year career, boldly pitched and landed multi-national clients and the gained the peace of mind knowing they deserve their success. 

See what clients have to say...

Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC is a certified Women Owned Small Business based in Washington, DC.