Episode 40: Why You Should Always Talk to Strangers with Katie McKenzie of Mindspace

Episode 40_ Why You Should Always Talk to Strangers with Katie McKenzie of Mindspace.jpg

Little did Katie and Lauren know that a chance encounter with two cool chicks holding two awesome business cards at a less than stellar event a few months back would lead to so much amazingness!

Lauren visits the brand new Mindspace co-working space in DC and sits down with Community Manager and fellow SpitFire, Katie McKenzie to talk about how they met, how to network and when it's appropriate to give and receive a hug.

Mindspace is the home of the "Spitting Fire" book launch of Friday, August 17th. Seats are going fast. RSVP here: www.spitfirecoach.com/book

Episode 38: Off a Duck's Back with Chelsea Cole, A Duck's Oven

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Find out how the stress-relieving tactic of cooking led to a successful blog and an even more lucrative career in digital marketing from the founder of A Duck's Oven, Chelsea Cole.

I first heard Chelsea's story on The Side Hustle School, but wanted to dig deeper to find out how she dealt and continues to deal with expectations, overwhelm and disappointment.

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Episode 37: The Role of Isolation and the Need for Community

Self-Care Series.jpg

What role does isolation play in your mental health and self-care strategy?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are notorious for locking themselves away and keeping their head down all in the name of success. People may offer help, but only they know how to do it "right".

Isolation is no joke and has real impacts on your perspective with reality. In just a few hours of being alone, your sense of time, space and self-worth are dramatically impacted.

Community, as the antithesis of isolation, creates a strong foundation of accountability, support and vulnerability.

Our guest this week, is someone who posted an extremely powerful  message about this very topic and I had to sit down with her to talk about her own journey with isolation, community and mental health.


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Episode 36: Self-Care and Anxiety Management with Jessie DaSilva


Get a 101 and graduate course level rundown of the ins and outs of self-care when I sit down with my direct downstairs neighbor and wellness coach, Jessie DaSilva.

As someone who manages GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) while coaching people in healthy lifestyles, Jessie has experienced the need for self-care in addition to therapy and sometimes medication.

We're pealing back the cloak of secrecy and getting real with our anxiety and what we can all do to support one another on our journeys.

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Episode 35: What's Your Spirit Animal? Emma Sage Fine Art


So you want to be an artist? You go to school, study, get a degree... and then what?!  You gotta pay your bills, but how do you monetize your creativity?

After graduation and working a 9-5, Emma Sage fell back in love with painting and with the spark from her fiance created her adorably awesome art collection.

Hear Emma's 3 Tips for artists looking to start a business and what her SpitFire Super Power is.



Episode 34: Behind the Lens with Cerissa Photography


Cerissa Tulop of Cerissa Photography joined me on my roof for a sunset interview and photoshoot. Cerissa is a member of the SpitFire Circle and has been busting through her blocks around sharing her personal story on social media. We're talking about the steps she took to get out of her comfort zone to start attracting her ideal clients.



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Episode 33: Getting Punky with Lex Monson, Co-Founder of Punk Post

Sure you get a ton of messages on your Facebook wall when it's your birthday or a special occasion, but what if someone took the time to send you a special message?

That's exactly what inspired Lex Monson, the co-founder of Punk Post. She wanted to give the middle finger to lazy half-assed communication by creating custom cards from people who care.

I talked to Lex about the challenges of growth, the need for self-care and how many workouts are acceptable before a shower is necessary.

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Episode 32: Andromeda Peters, Miss Virginia - Passion Through Pageantry

andromeda peters.jpg

Miss Virginia Andromeda Peters treks to SW DC at the peak of DC traffic for her first ever podcast appearance. Host, Lauren LeMunyan tries on the crown and considers a new career path while they discuss Andromeda's challenging past that led her to where she is today.

As a therapist, Andromeda is teaching the tools that helped her rise above her circumstances with self-love and mindfullness.

**Update: Andromeda is now Miss United States 2018!

IG: @andromedapeters   @selflovetherapist


Episode 30: Guest Host Justin Trawick Flips the Script on Lauren's 2nd Anniversary of Leaving the 9-5 World

2018-06-03 15.37.58.jpg

On June 4, 2016, Lauren LeMunyan walked away from her 11-year career in association management to start her coaching firm.  Two years later to the day, she sits down with full-time musician and the host of The Circus Life Podcast, Justin Trawick, to talk about her journey in becoming and staying a coach.

There a bonus song by Justin Trawick and The Common Good in this episode!

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Listen to Justin's music and see where he's playing next at www.justintrawick.com

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Episode 29: Philippa Hughes - Using the Dinner Table to Understand Differing Opinions

episode 29 philippa hughes.jpg

Philippa Hughes is no stranger to conflict, in fact she welcomes it at her dinner table and in her community. Her "band-aid" ripping style leaves no gray area around her take on issues like racism, politics and connection.

Our discussion was tangent-filled awesomeness - I'll just leave you with that.

Find out why Philippa hates the word "influencer" and her struggle to say "no" when friends are involved.

Episode 28: Partner, Play


Mary Kathryn (MK) Nagle is no stranger to a courtroom, a theater stage and hard work. With her fingers glued to the keyboard, MK is a masterful machine when it comes to storytelling - which I learned is very helpful when writing briefs. She has written over 9 plays all while serving as a partner at Pipestem Law, a firm specializing in tribal sovereignty of Native nations and peoples.

MK is a true SpitFire and connects her passion to her family's history in order to educate generations to come.

Episode 27: Stop Being Stingy with Your Contacts - Chelsea Tucker from The Start Up People Maven


 “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

So who’s on your list? Chelsea Tucker thinks about this question more than the average person - like it’s her job. Well, because it is! 

As the Marketing Guru for the start-up People Maven, Chelsea promotes sharing your network and contacts to enhance the collective awesomeness.  

Find out who made her list!


Episode 26: Mid-Year Recap with The SpitFire Coach

2018-04-30 12.37.45.jpg

I can't believe this is the 26th episode! What started as a challenge to push out of my fear and start a podcast is now a huge source of pride. 

Episode 26 is a reflection on the lessons I've learned through the creative process and also what I've learned from my inspirational guests. When I started, I thought a formula would emerge for the structure of each episode, but I soon realized that an organic free-flow discussion not only allowed for more entertaining discussions, but also allowed everyone to drop their guard a little bit more.

I am honored to hold the space for my courageous guests and listeners to explore those scary areas and work through them. No journey is the same and it's certainly not easy, so if The SpitFire Podcast can be the place where we vent, experiment, sound-board and play, I'm happy to be the  facilitator of that awesomeness. Here's to another 26 and beyond!

Episode 25: Relentlessly Going After The Fitness Industry with Johnny B of Relentless PT


John Burgard is accomplished by any standards. He's published hundreds of songs, launched successful businesses and raised a healthy family. But none of this was handed to him. From a series of traumatic events that haunted his formative years, Johnny B knew he was meant for more than the chaos surrounding him. His relentless pursuit to better himself and those around him is infectious.


Episode 24: F*CK IT! Let's Do It! with the Founders of Sip City

sip city.jpg

At 25 these ladies are busting through the beverage industry! With bottles of switchel in hand a SpitFire approach to business development, they are showing up, delivering and asking for what they need.

I got to sit down and taste their amazing concoctions mixed with sparkling wine. This stuff is amazing (and I don't have a poker approach). WARNING: There are a bunch of F bombs dropped in the show, so make sure you have ear buds in. Enjoy!

About The Founders of Sip City

In 2012, both women battled parallel autoimmune and digestive issues—Josie in Nashville, and Nikki in Boston—and began tinkering with homemade concoctions to improve their health. While Josie and her mother began crafting apple cider vinegar drinks called Haymaker’s Punch in the kitchen, Nikki was home-brewing switchel, the same product under a different name and an alternative to expensive kombucha. When Nikki brought her concoctions to work at PBS, her coworkers were immediately hooked. Before long, Nikki had established an underground smoothie/switchel subscription service with loyal customers, run right out of the WGBH newsroom.

Fast forward to January 2017. A mutual friend brought Nikki and Josie together at the Women’s March in Boston, and it was like love at first sight. Bonding over everything from all-natural, gluten-free products to kombucha cocktails, the two quickly discovered that they had been making the same apple cider vinegar and ginger drink—switchel, or Haymaker’s Punch in the South—to help alleviate their health symptoms. That commonality sealed the deal: both women realized the need to do something more with their lives, and they needed to do it together.

In June, Nikki moved to Washington DC, inspired to take a chance and create something new. She and Josie had become closer since the Women’s March. The two linked up one night in NoMa, over boozy homemade popsicles on Nikki’s roof. That’s when they decided: “Screw it, let’s start something.” They researched and realized the untapped potential for the drink that they both turned to in their time of need. After building a business plan and creating product samples, Nikki and Josie pitched Union Kitchen. Today, they are co-owners of Sip City, a functional beverage company focused on convenient, on-the-go drinks for mindful consumers.




Episode 23: Real Talk About Working in Media with Britt Waters

The voice of The Mystics and 94.7 Fresh FM, Britt Waters is no stranger to the mic or bold opinions on her love of Justin Bieber's swag and her drive for education and hard work. Britt battles the assumptions of non-accessibility and the myth of the overnight success.


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About Britt Waters

Britt Waters is a Jersey girl residing in the nation’s capital where she has become a recognizable face and voice of the city through her work as a radio, television and arena host. She continues to bring success to the entertainment, sports and news fields in the powerful city she now calls home. She is the nightly radio jock on CBS Radio’s 94.7 Fresh FM and a TV host on the DC Cable Network as well as working for Monumental Sports and Entertainment as an in-game host at DC’s Capital One Arena for the Washington Mystics (WNBA) and Washington Valor (AFL). Whether on-screen or in the community Britt brings laughs, conversation and lots of energy.

Britt got her big break in the broadcasting world entertaining millions on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show immediately after obtaining her BA in broadcast journalism from University of Maryland, College Park. Britt Waters calls her social media the “uncut,” view of her life. When asked about her legacy she says, “I’d like to be known as someone that shared the lives of others to greater the lives of all, because that to me is what journalism is all about.” Outside of work, she loves to bake, socialize and catch up on her five magazine subscriptions. Her goal is to use her platform to promote education and independence. She stays motivated by the scripture, Proverbs 31:25.


Episode 22: The Power of Words On and Off Camera

debra alfarone.jpg

If you’ve ever watched Debra Alfarone report or anchor the news in Washington, DC, you know she’s professional, direct, energetic, caring, compassionate and conversational.

Debra also harnesses the power of storytelling to give a voice and deliver inspiration to people who need it: people coming out of prison, women who have survived domestic violence or sex trafficking situations, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and people struggling with addiction. She shows up and stands up for the under-served and  under-represented.

Debra’s path to becoming a news anchor in the nation’s capital was not without obstacles. She speaks to groups about the lessons she’s learned and stories she’s told to inspire others to live their best life. Debra also coaches up-and-coming journalists to show up as their best self and blogs about the stories behind the stories you see on TV.

Episode 21: Harnessing District Pride with JC Smith of Bailiwick Clothing

What started as a winning entry in a t-shirt design contest with 8 years of fermentation, turned into the iconic brand known by most, if not all, DC residents. From "202" to "The District vs Congress" this playful company goes beyond party lines, to facilitate connection and community among our "51st State."

JC Smith joins me on his day off to talk about his journey and future plans for Bailiwick and brings me some awesome new designs.

Check out www.bailiwickclothing.com and pick yourself up some awesomeness!