"Spitting Fire: Your Guide to Reignite and Maintain Your Passion at Home, Work and Beyond"

            ~  Available on Amazon August 18th  ~

           ~ Available on Amazon August 18th ~


From Lauren LeMunyan,

The SpitFire Coach

“This book is not a magic pill to success. I don’t expect you to read it and have your whole life figured out. “Spiting Fire” is another resource to add along your journey to being unapologetically you. I’ll tell you some stories about me and lessons from my clients, teach you some core principles of coaching and give you exercises and tools to take along the way to become more aware and powerful in the daily choices you make. “

Stuck in a rut at your job?

Frustrated with your relationships?

Confused about how to get the excitement back in your life?

There are tons of self-help books out there that teach you how to be a bad ass and motivational speakers telling you to be your best self, but what if you had resource that shows you how to self-assess, self-manage and self-correct? Spitting Fire is a just that! It's a compilation of stories, principles and applicable tools to go out and change your life. It can start as a simple mindset shift or grow to a total life overhaul. It's all up to you.

Certified Business and Life Coach, Lauren LeMunyan, who is also known as The SpitFire Coach, wrote this book to share core coaching concepts with real world examples and analogies to get you out of hypothetical woo woo and into actionable steps. Using the elements of fire, Lauren weaves her personal story with her clients experiences to highlight the three key areas that inspire us to get fired up or lead us to burnout. SpitFire: Someone who is emotionally and spiritually free to say and do what he/she wants. Someone who is unapologetically themselves. Someone who inspires others through their own confidence.

About Lauren LeMunyan

At the age of six, Lauren tasted her first drop of entrepreneurship and was hooked (literally). What started as way to cure boredom while hanging out with some octogenarians, Lauren learned the art of crochet and quickly mastered hat-making. She sped up her process (down to 15 minutes a hat) and sold enough in a young designer market in New York City to pay her way through college while attending Rutgers. Fast-forward three decades filled with a successful career in association management and multiple business launches, this SpitFire Coach now teaches creative entrepreneurs and passionate professionals how to streamline their focus, reduce stress and make magic happen. Lauren incorporates a fun, direct and intuitive-based coaching process to build clear, concise and creative strategies in marketing, branding, operations, hiring and business development. When she's not combating gremlins and energy blocks, Lauren spends her time in Washington, DC with her personality-packed English Bulldog, Rico Suave where she also produces and hosts a weekly business-focused podcast - The SpitFire Podcast. And if that isn't enough fire spitting, she can be found up and down the East Coast performing on stage as the Bluegrass-Americana Rapper, JRSY FRSH.