6 Pick-Me-Ups When You’re Feeling in the Dumps About Your Business


I ended a call with a client who was ready to hang up her entrepreneurial cape. Deals weren’t clicking and money was running out. “I don’t think I have it in me,” she said holding back the tears. “Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

This happens all the time in business and in personal relationships. We have ideas about what we think will happen to make everything come together only to have a fraction come true or not at all. We try to force our outcomes and become unbalanced with expectations and future build up. As a result, our anxiety grows, we lose sleep and slowly our power begins to seep out.  In a couple of days or weeks, we feel the full impact. Our immune systems are shot, our prospects have dried up and we feel dejected.

If I could have the alarm system wired to alert you before this happens, I would. So, what do you do when you feel like all hope is lost and you want to get your mojo back?

1)      Call Someone You Trust – In this case my client scheduled an emergency laser focus session with me. Put all of it on the table and just let it sit there without trying to figure it out. Remove the stress from your body and take a look at what it really is. What is the worst-case scenario? What is the best-case scenario?

2)      Take a Shower and Get Dressed – Water is a cleanser for not just your skin, but also your soul. Give yourself that little bit of self-care and prepare yourself for your next big move.

3)      Put on Your Theme Music – Whether it’s “Spice Up Your Life” or “Shake Your Bon Bon,” get those jams pumping through your veins. You can’t be stuck in the couch cushions with Ricky Martin serenading you.

4)      Write Down 25 Things That Will Generate Money – Put the timer on your phone, grab a notepad and pen and get to writing. Nothing is too whacky or simple. Get your brain in a solution-centric pattern.

5)      Start Executing – If you need help or contacts, reach out. Start with the easiest or most impactful, but create a set list for your awesomeness.

6)      Track Your Wins – I give my clients an Awesome Shit List journal to track their successes. Whenever you start to feel the self-doubt come on, check back with your list and remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Know that people love and support you. Life will face you with challenges, but know that these are challenges you are capable of mastering and learning from. You are resilient beyond what you believe. Just know that we believe in you.

(If these feelings persist and feel like they are beyond behavioral intervention, please seek professional assistance.)