A Day in the Life of Rico Suave The English Bull Dog

A Day in the Life of Rico Suave.jpg

7:00am – Ooooh the sun is up all for me! Time to go see it!

7:05am – Sweet! Mom is moving in bed. Better start grumbling so she knows I’m ready to start my day.

7:06am – Hmmm.... that didn’t work, time up my game into a higher pitch so she can hear me.

7:07am – Doesn’t she know who I am. I have people to see! (BARK)

7:10am – Chow time! This feels more like an appetizer, but it’ll do for now. It’s time to see my adoring fans downstairs and outside. Hope I don’t have to run into that a-hole Teddy in the elevator.

7:15am – Ahhh it’s my people. Yes scratch behind the ears and right next to my tail. Yes, I know I’m adorable. Feel free to join my Instagram and follow my life.

7:20am – Well that was quick guess it’s time for a nap.


9:20am – Mom, are you stillllll working? Guess I’ll sit at your feet and lick my paws. (She hates when I do that hahahaha)

9:25am – Damnit, now I’ve got the bootie on. That was a colossal fail. Ugh. Guess I’ll sleep some more.


4:00pm – That was the best dream about squirrels and butt rubs. Life is grand. Wait isn’t it time for more food?! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Fix me a pot pie!

5:00pm – Ugh can’t believe I had to wait an hour! One day I’ll be treated like the prince I am.

5:05pm – Sweet! Time to see the evening addition of my fan club. They’re extra affectionate at night. I can’t imagine what they do all day, but man some of them look rough. Good thing I’m there to pick up their spirits.

5:45pm – Mom, it’s time to play. Stop typing and talking. I’m right here……

6:00pm – Ooh this moose toy looks good, I think I’ll just suckle a little biiiiiiiii……


9:00pm – (Rico it’s time for bed) What?! I’ve been sleeping all day. It’s party time. Get real woman! Here’s my toy now throw it! THROW IT NOW! COME ON THROW IT! Fine I’ll lick my paws again.

9:15pm – Damnit! The bootie again!