An Introduction to Intuition

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We are all intuitive. That jolt of a feeling that inherently knows something. You can feel it in your heart and your gut. It’s your first impulse or thought. It knows everything without having to tell you.

If we’re so keyed into knowing everything we need to know, why do we keep fumbling through life? Short answer – we’re too smart for our own good. We have these amazing brains that have stored experiences, risks, reactions, stories, judgments, and observations since the day we were born (maybe even conceived). Our brain is our master computer and its job is to tabulate the “logical” facts it’s stored.

Ever had a thought that seemed amazing and terrifying at the same time, but talked yourself out of it within five minutes? That was your brain taking over your gut. You probably followed what your brain told you because it provided you with all the evidence you needed to convince yourself not to take the risk.

Your brain sounds like kind of a jerk. Just kidding. Your brain is doing its job – to keep you safe. Any thought, decision or action outside of your normal behaviors is seen as a risk or stress. Your brain is there to maintain homeostasis – or normalcy. It shoots signals for hormones and muscle responses, but it also creates stories that don’t exist all with the same intention – to keep you safe.

So how do you tap into your intuition without having your brain sabotage it?

1)      Sit in Silence – No music or distractions. Start with five minutes and then add another 5 each week. Observe what comes up. At first it will be fear based because your brain is like WTF give me something to do! It will bring up messages you’ve been trying to avoid, but your job is to sit with it and really listen to what’s being said. After your time is up, capture what came up in a journal.

2)      Capture Your Intuitive Thoughts – When you have an idea that shoots up, write it down immediately. I use my phone’s note section. Our great ideas come as quickly as they leave, so make sure you write it down. It also prevents your brain from taking over and reconstructing the idea when it sits in your head.

3)      If Your Brain Starts Taking Over, Ask for The Keys – Sometimes our brain gets drunk with power and we need to take the keys before it hurts someone or something. You know what this feels like, the crazy train of worst case scenarios that flood in. Take the wheel and put your brain in the back seat. This also means disengaging from the thought which could include journaling or sitting in silence.

4)      Reduce Your Judgement and Trust Your Gut – Your intuition is at its best when it can live in a judgment free zone. Trust is the best way to create this. Think of your intuition as a cute little puppy who only wants to make you smile and serve you. Cuddle up with your intuition and be sure to give it positive reinforcement.


I love intuition. It increases creativity, efficiency and productivity. It allows me to connect directly to clients and get to the root of their issues and navigate towards a plan of action. When both parties are operating on an intuitive level, it’s like magic.