From 30 to 100: Extending Challenge Goals

Today marks an important day – it’s day number 30 of the 30-Day Blog Challenge. Each day I published an original blog post over a month. It stretched and challenged my limitations around writing. It connected me to a new audience and gave me a platform to voice my opinion.

Looking back on 30 days, the goal seemed daunting at first, but with the daily practice of 20 minutes – two hours of writing, every day it seemed more feasible. I planned for schedule congestion and loaded up on posts when I had the time.

As I neared the end of the 30th day, I didn’t want this channel of creativity to go away, so I’ve decided to go for 100 days. That’s 70 more days of blog posts. I’ll be publishing directly to my website at with a monthly summary of those posts to subscribers. I’ve also created a Facebook group for the 100 Day Blog Post Challenge for people who want to check in and submit topics.

The Facebook group will also be a platform for others to commit to a 100 Day Challenge of their own. Is it reading, meditation, exercise, writing, gratitude, service? Whatever it is, I’m looking for others to commit to a daily practice to better themselves.


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