How To Craft an Impactful Tagline in 10 Minutes or Less

I see so many business owners stuck when it comes to their tagline. “It has to be just right.” “It must be the perfect compilation of words to express my essence.”

Last week I met with a prospective client, who couldn’t move forward on her business because she couldn’t select a name. If this sounds like you, I have a new trick for you to try out. She was turning money down because she was too indecisive on her business name.

I wanted to share with you a tactic I used with her that will hopefully help some of you. This can be used for your tagline, marketing copy, and CVP (Customer Value Proposition). You can also use it if you need to make quick and clear decisions in any aspect of your life.

1)      Find a quiet space that makes you feel come and centered. Bring a notepad and pen. If you have a noisy house, this may be your car or even your closet (seriously, I’ve done it before).

2)      Take a few deep breaths allowing the pressure of your decision and life to roll off your back. Keep breathing until you feel tension release.

3)      Set your phone to DND (Do Not Disturb)

4)      Set your timer for 5 minutes and hit “Start”.

5)      In those five minutes I want you to envision a regular customer of yours is bragging about your business to a friend. What are they saying? Think about why the customer is bragging, what product or service are they highlighting, what problem is your business solving? Copy down everything you hear and see.

6)      After the 5 minutes is up, circle the words of impact.

7)      Plug it into the following equation options:

(Action) (Customer) to (Solution)


(Action) (Customer)


Here is my new tagline: With Permission, Kicking Stuck Businesses Into Awesomeness

This is an example of the first option.


If I were using the Solution Option, it would look something like:

Kick Butt Business Results


If I were using the Action – Customer Option, it would look like:

Awesome-Evoking Small Business Coaching


If you're still feeling stuck, schedule a complimentary consultation with me to see if there are deeper blocks keeping you from tapping into your creative genius.