My Top 4 Apps for Business

Over the past few months, my client base is shifting to in person meetings, which has transitioned my usual desktop operations to my iPhone. Whether I’m walking from Brookland to SW DC or sitting at a bar at soundcheck, these apps have been amazing for creating a virtual office on my phone.

Acuity Scheduler – With preloaded client contact details, I can schedule in my coaching sessions within 5 seconds. All I have to do is pick a session type (that I created during set up), select a date and time and start typing their name. If I have a conflict, it lets me know or I can create a custom appointment that overrides it. For only $10 a month, it’s saved me a ton of time and stress. The best part is it automatically syncs with your calendar, so you never have to worry about double booking.

Canva – I use this app every day. Whether I’m designing an Instagram image or creating worksheets, I love being in the driver seat of my graphic design. I am not a whiz at Photoshop or any other design program, but I do love layout and playing with color. The pre-sized templates and examples help to inspire you if you aren’t feeling like developing something from scratch. For only $120 a year, it’s like having an on-call graphic designer for pennies a day.

Quickbooks Online – No more questioning if you’re in the black. Quickbooks online version syncs your credit cards, merchant accounts and bank accounts to give you an accurate snapshot on your finances. You can create invoices, reconcile your expenses, and update payments all from your phone. It also works with the desktop version if you prefer that route while you have access to your computer. The Simple Start plan is only $10 a month and will make your accountant happy during tax season.

Slack – If you’re needing to check in with colleagues or clients, Slack is awesome for thread-based discussions. You can create separate groups or channels for specific people. If text messaging feels too messy and crowded, Slack keeps your discussion more stream lined.


I’d love to hear your must have Apps for business. Feel free to post them in the comments.