Oh Shit! Overload



In the last two months, I have taken on a lot. I convinced myself that staying busy was the best solution for beating my lethargic tendencies and feeling lazy around my business. Right after Labor Day, I started the 30-Day Blog Challenge and was immediately boosted by the creative charge it sparked inside. I was writing multiple blogs a day, creating artwork, and brimming over with ideas.

The first two weeks felt like a breeze, even with a 4-day intensive certification program for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator program. I felt powerful and unstoppable. I started dabbling with video again and reorganized my website to reflect my new found confidence in working with creative business owners.

Clients signed up and I got even busier. This is awesome. Busy=Profit=Happiness.

So after the 30-Day Blog Challenge was ending, I decided to extend it to 100 days. More is better, right?

I decided to design and produce custom positivity-inspired journals: Awesome Shit List Journals.

I met with a friend to talk about outreach and we decided to create a pilot event for Emerging C-Suite Leaders. No problem, I thought, I’ve got time. We scheduled the event for November 8th.

Around day 50 of the Blog Challenge, I met with a friend about doing a podcast and added another tough deadline on myself: Have 10 episodes ready to launch by November 20th.

I started shooting more video and agreed to host a show for association professionals on YouTube for launch in November.

I have interviewed four guests, learned the ins and outs of podcasting, edited and produced my own shows, created the artwork and have six interviews scheduled.

I’ve been doing all of these projects while working with my clients.

See where I’m going?

More=Even More =Oh Shit! Overload

Today I’m on day #64 of the Blog Challenge and I could quit. I could say no to everything, but I don’t think that I’ll learn my lesson.

I’m doing what most business owners and emerging leaders do. They take on more in hopes that it will progress their business and their career. They spread themselves to thin until stress, illness or an internal wake-up call smacks them in the face.

I’ve been ignoring my oncoming burnout for weeks. My boyfriend warned me about it, knowing my past patterns and habits. I didn’t want to listen. I didn’t want him to be right and for me to have to change gears.

I’ve been doing everything I coach around not doing.  Wake up call.

So what am I doing differently now that I know what not to do?

Building a plan. By understanding my goals and objectives, I can better construct my day and week to work on projects in their appropriate time.

Sticking to the plan. No more squirrel diversions.

Asking for help. I’m here to admit that I suck at technology and refuse to ask for help. I keep trying to MacGyver my way through recording and lighting. The ironic piece is I have at least three friends who have offered to help who are in TV and Radio and do this for a living. Yes, it’s dumb. So if you’re out there listening friends, help please!

Moving after each project. Rather than going go back-to-back with sessions, my goal is to go for a short walk in between. I’ve had days where I don’t get up unless Rico barks at me to go out.

No new projects unless they’re a part of my goals. I’ve been agreeing to do a lot of free or low profit projects. One could argue it’s part of the process in building a brand, but let’s be real, I have bills to pay.

Mandatory rest days. No more waiting until my energy is zapped. One day a week is dedicated to rest, reflection and fun.


When I show up as my best self, my clients are better served and so is my bank account.


Where are you feeling overloaded? What can you put into practice to find more structure and support?