Take 2: My Birthday Letter of Intention

I had to start over as the last letter I wrote to myself was a lot of funk and stuck energy. So I did a little reframe shimmy-shake since I certainly wouldn’t want my next year to be any of that nastiness.

Birthday Letter of Intention.jpg

Every year I write a letter to myself on my birthday written as if it has already happened. You may find it a little corny (but that’s better than cheesey with my lactose intolerance). It works for me and keeps me honest. I do this instead of New Year’s Resolutions as those quickly dissipate in mid-February.

33 has been an amazing year. My business has taken off and I’ve gained clarity around my service offering and pricing. I put on my first event (The Spring Cleaning Summit) and got amazing feedback. I earned my PCC certification with over 500 certified hours (four months after I obtained my ACC). I invested in myself and got certified as an MBTI Practitioner in Step I and II. I rapped on stage for the first time, fell on my butt and got back up again (don’t believe me? There’s video proof). I’ve performed on stage at the 9:30 Club, World Café Live, The Black Cat and countless other places with a pretty rad boyfriend and his band. I’ve helped friends and strangers driving Ubers find their purpose and passion. Most importantly I’ve taken care of myself and called in my support circle on this crazy adventure.

I never thought a year ago I would be doing any of this. I was prepared to go back to the 9-5 to regain my financial security. Thankfully, the universe knew that was bullshit and kept me on my path. I still haven’t finished my book, but as a result of my 30 Day Blog Challenge, I’m back to writing consistently and from an honest place and have plans… BIG PLANS.

So now that I’ve warmed up my gratitude muscle, my creative juices are ready to flow for my 34th year.


It’s September 24, 2018 I just got back from an amazing conference where I gave a keynote address in front of 400 bad ass women. Rico Suave greats me at the door with his favorite moose toy. He doesn’t care where I’ve been as long as he gets a good butt rub and new toy out of it.

This year has been a whirlwind of exciting empowerment. My clients have been killing it with their businesses and as a result have been referring in more business to me than I know what to do with. I have a waitlist of 20 clients to work with me in a three-month intensive business coaching program.

Ever since I put out the monthly e-books and leadership training events, my phone has been ringing off the hook. It turns out what I used to be afraid most of (being viewed as a little trouble maker) is actually what the corporate world has been asking for.

The new company I helped launch earlier in the year, Dynamic Team Design, has been picking up momentum once our initial client signed on. We now have a team of six working in collaboration on projects and proposals.

My role as Business Development Manager for CCG has led to major accounts signing on and singing our praises.

On the outside, people think I’m nuts and doing too much, but the boundaries around my time are clearly defined and allow for free time to play and relax with my loved ones. I love the variety of my clientele and the projects I’m working. I attract in bad ass business owners who love to create and bounce ideas back and forth. I’ve become “The Accomplice of Accomplishments.”

Outside of my work awesomeness, I’ve started playing guitar and ukulele and can now bust out some 90s hip hop while playing.

We’re still in DC until my lease is up at the end of October and then it’s on to home ownership, where I can paint the town and my walls red (or whatever color I choose).

It’s funny how I used to think 34 was old, but now I’ve got more energy than I did in my 20s and I’m pretty sure I look younger too.

So cheers to 34 and all of the awesomeness it’s brought in!