Thank You, IRS.

Dear IRS,.jpg

Dear IRS,

I wanted to say thank you. I’m sure you’re used to getting tons of correspondence, but very rarely do you receive gratitude.

A few months ago, I received a notice from you that I owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. At first I was flattered that you thought I was worth so much in one year! But then I realized you weren’t talking about Monopoly money.

I panicked at the thought of a huge bill as a new business owner. But then you sparked my inner bad ass. I gathered my documentation and was able to reflect on the profit I made from my house sale and the personal progress I had made from the end of 2015.

After speaking with an awesome accountant, I refiled my 2015 taxes and for a nominal fee I was resolved of the stress and could truly close a chapter in the book of my past life.

So, thank you for making me see my worth.

Thank you for giving me full closure.

Thank you for inspiring to take myself seriously.


Your friend,