Why Aren't You Telling Your Story?

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“It’s not about me,” said the business owner in defense of not putting personal details in their marketing copy. “It’s about my clients.”

 A client-centric approach is awesome, but what makes your clients choose you? What sets you apart from your competition. It’s YOU! There are a million other companies out there that can do what you do, but there is only one you.

What’s your unfair competitive advantage?

It’s a combination of your professional and personal experiences, passion, quirks, training and credentials. All of those elements wrapped up make you unique in what you offer and makes you human. Your story is what connects your customers to you. It allows them to buy into you and create loyalty. They’ll be more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

This doesn’t mean publishing excerpts of your diary on your business website. Somethings are best kept for you.

What your clients and customers want to know is your origin story. Where did your business passion come from? What did you learn along the way? What makes you approachable and enviable at the same time? What made you want to go into business?

I found that the more I opened up about my struggles and lessons learned in the process, the more I connected to new people and expanded my network of referrals. The more honest I got, the more others connected to me. Feel free to check out my origin story: http://laurenlemunyan.com/about-coach-lauren/

If you need help developing your story, feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation: http://laurenlemunyan.com/take-action/