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The 101 of LinkedIn’s ProFinder Program

I was just turned on to The ProFinder Program on LinkedIn. As a coach always on the lookout for awesome clients to work with, this seemed like an amazing opportunity. Another coach mentioned it as great way to get leads.


Here’s how it works...


  1. LinkedIn members will make a request for services they need. Once we find a request that matches your expertise, we'll send you an email.
  2. If you're interested in their request, respond to the member with a short proposal. They'll also get access to your full LinkedIn profile.
  3. If your offer fits the member's needs, they'll reach out and start a conversation.


LinkedIn is not like Upwork where they take a percentage of your revenue. The financial dealings and arrangements are up to you. Unlike other consultants, coaches request payment and a signed agreement before holding a session. His reduces the risk on both sides and makes the expectations crystal clear.


The sign up process was relatively painless. I signed up as a Pro with a skill set in Executive Coaching. Then a contact at LinkedIn reviewed my profile to make sure I did what I said I did.


I received a response within 24 hours that I needed to shift the order of my skills to reflect the ProFinder designation. I responded within 2 hours after the changes had been made and I was approved shortly after.


Feel fare to check it out at


I’m excited to see what happens!