rico suave the bulldog

When Your Dog Is Cooler Than You…


I have come to the harsh reality that my dog is cooler than me. He makes more people smile. More people know his name. More people are willing to pet him (I’m definitely okay with that). More people are willing to give him treats and compliments.

Tonight the extent of this situation became even clearer. I attended the Holiday Apartment Crawl for a couple hours and Senor Suave let it be known he needed to go out. So, we did our normal walk outside to his favorite mulch hill and as he assumed his typical position for relief, a couple approached with celebrity-excitement.

“Is that RICO?????!!!!” said the guy in his camel colored cashmere coat.

“It sure is.” I replied. “You may want to step back. He’s about to pee.”

“Oh that’s okay. I just really want to pet him.”

Did I just hear what I thought I did? You’re okay getting peed on so you can pet my dog. I think he realized my not so subtle judgment and backed away?

His partner then stepped in and told me how Rico was the topic of conversation in their household on a weekly basis. Had anyone see Rico? Did Rico look like he was losing weight? I wonder how Rico was doing?

After some face snuggles and compliments galore, we headed in with Rico’s newly acknowledged fans. They ooed and ahhed when Rico followed the treat in my hand and sat when asked to.

As we got into the elevator, I turned to them and said, “I don’t think I know your names.” They paused and looked at each other then started laughing after realizing the major and commonly used social faux pas. We exchanged names and shook hands.

As the exited the elevator, the woman turned to me and said, “If this was another woman, we’d have a problem.”

I shouted out of the closing doors, “It’s okay he doesn’t have his balls.”


Now if I told you this was a rare occasion, I’d be lying. Every few months, I catch people in their obsession for my dog and it always leads to a good laugh.

I’m a proud mother of my little love nugget, Rico Suave, and it’s okay if you want to know him first.