I’ve been working with Lauren for over two years. During that time she has helped me identify and focus on the things I need to do to grow my business. She keeps me accountable, cheers me on, calms me down, is a great sounding board, and helps me sort through things when I have a tough decision to make. The fact that I have doubled my billing since working with her speaks for itself and I highly recommend her.
— Judy Olsen, Owner, Judy Olsen Design

How Does The Coaching Process Work?

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Coaching Programs

Career Igniter

Search, show up and land the ideal position with confidence. With Career Coaching, clients will be able to go after the positions they are truly qualified for, speak from their power voice and negotiate the salary and benefits they deserve.

Whether you are already in a position and need to pivot to a position of increased influence or are in search of a new opportunity, Career Coaching provides a road map to learn, grow and launch into their ideal career.Each Career Coaching engagement is customized to the specific needs of each client.

The Career Igniter Program focuses on resume creation and review, value alignment with the ideal position and environment, interview power stance development and effective negotiation strategies.

Leadership Launcher

Leadership Coaching is focused on discovering and refining the individual client’s leadership style including body language, voice, conflict management, people management, project management, strategic planning, stress management and the use of empathy. 

Leadership Coaching engagements start with goal-setting, followed by a series of assessments to pinpoint specific areas of concern and expansion including Value Assessment, Leadership Gap Assessment, Myers-Briggs Step II Assessment and The Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

Corporate Group Coaching

Group Coaching when led by a trained professional allows individuals to have a voice, hear other perspectives, feel supported and develop solutions. Within small groups of four to six, these confidential sessions increase team functioning and maturity, focuses professional development and performance, develops leadership and management capability all while breaking down the silo mentality that plagues departments and organizations.

Ultimately Group Coaching when tied in with a healthy organization culture can produce benefits beyond profitability and productivity. Employees are happier, healthier, more creative, and less likely to leave.

Single Sessions

SpitFire Strategy Session

Uncover Your Inner SpitFire in this hyper-focused strategy sessions. Come prepared with a specific goal and intention and watch the creative sparks fly in this 90-minute strategy-generating session. Fee: $280

Energy Booster

Need a pick-me-up or a refocus before a big meeting? These highly-concentrated sessions are meant to settle, set and launch you into your most ideal outcome. Whether you just had a tough conversation with your boss or need to run a big presentation, the Energy Booster will help amp you up more than a double espresso! (Sessions last 10-20 minutes). Fee: $65