Episode 16: Tapping Into Your Full Potential with Belinda Brown

The SpitFire Podcast: Is Equality Unfair with Executive Coach Belinda MJ Brown
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Fellow IPEC graduate and Executive Game-Changing Coach, Belinda Brown, calls in from Paris, France. We talk about the limiting beliefs, assumptions and fears that keep us stuck into ruts and patterns that don't serve us.

Belinda has an amazing fresh perspective on diversity and inclusion that may initially surprise you, but as you listen you understand the strength in similarities and enhancements of individual uniqueness.

About Belinda Brown

Prior to her coaching and consulting work, Belinda spent over 15 years in roles in management and leadership roles European and American multinational organizations such as Carrefour, Renault, Brambles and Walt Disney Worldwide. She developed cross functional relationships within Business units located in Europe, Asia and America. There, she developed and implemented cost reduction and risk management strategies to drive organizational growth and effectiveness. Along with her leadership responsibilities, she was involved in the creation of programs to develop talent and managers for Carrefour and Shurgard Self Storage Europe.

Belinda brings extensive experience across multiple industries to her work in executive and leadership coaching. Her passion lies in empowering women and diverse leaders to BE who they are wherever they are so corporate cultures can shift and embrace feminine leadership and diversity development as powerful skills. She also consults with companies in the areas of organizational development, talent development and diversity management.
Belinda’s focus can be put into three general topics: (1) Self-Awareness, Executive Presence, Communication and Personal Branding; (2) Women Leadership & Professional Development; and (3) Leadership in a Globalized and Diverse Environment.

Belinda’s extensive background and experience has proven to be of extreme value for her clients. Some of her work consists of debunking myths and addressing real challenges encountered by her clients in the corporate environment. By becoming self-aware, developing communication skills and embracing their uniqueness, her clients can develop strategies and create new opportunities for personal growth and career success. www.equanimityexecutive.com