Episode 18: From the Baltimore Projects to Projecting Passion, Cheryl Wood of Cheryl Empowers

The SpitFire Podcast: Cheryl Empowers
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Cheryl Wood is a passionate, mission-driven woman determined to live life on my own terms. Cheryl grew up in poverty in a housing project in the inner city of Baltimore, MD. She graduated high school with good grades but didn't go to college so she could go straight into the workforce to support her mom. Even without a college degree, she was able to make a good salary as a legal secretary, which she did for 15 years until she needed a change. In 2009, Cheryl started a small mommy t-shirt business on the side. A year later (September 18th to be exact) she was asked to speak at Morgan State University. And that's exactly where she discovered her natural born talent for public speaking.

From that moment forward she spoke at as many places as she could until she felt confident leaving her full-time job. Cheryl is now speaking around the globe and teaching others how to own their power on the stage. www.cherylempowers.com