Episode 22: The Power of Words On and Off Camera

debra alfarone.jpg

If you’ve ever watched Debra Alfarone report or anchor the news in Washington, DC, you know she’s professional, direct, energetic, caring, compassionate and conversational.

Debra also harnesses the power of storytelling to give a voice and deliver inspiration to people who need it: people coming out of prison, women who have survived domestic violence or sex trafficking situations, people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and people struggling with addiction. She shows up and stands up for the under-served and  under-represented.

Debra’s path to becoming a news anchor in the nation’s capital was not without obstacles. She speaks to groups about the lessons she’s learned and stories she’s told to inspire others to live their best life. Debra also coaches up-and-coming journalists to show up as their best self and blogs about the stories behind the stories you see on TV.