Episode 26: Mid-Year Recap with The SpitFire Coach

2018-04-30 12.37.45.jpg

I can't believe this is the 26th episode! What started as a challenge to push out of my fear and start a podcast is now a huge source of pride. 

Episode 26 is a reflection on the lessons I've learned through the creative process and also what I've learned from my inspirational guests. When I started, I thought a formula would emerge for the structure of each episode, but I soon realized that an organic free-flow discussion not only allowed for more entertaining discussions, but also allowed everyone to drop their guard a little bit more.

I am honored to hold the space for my courageous guests and listeners to explore those scary areas and work through them. No journey is the same and it's certainly not easy, so if The SpitFire Podcast can be the place where we vent, experiment, sound-board and play, I'm happy to be the  facilitator of that awesomeness. Here's to another 26 and beyond!