SpitFire Coach

What is a SpitFire?


  1. Someone who is unapologetically themselves.

  2. Someone who thinks, speaks and acts from their most genuine self.

  3. Someone who emits and exudes confidence, gratitude and compassion wherever they go.

  4. Someone who without additional effort, sparks creativity, innovation and trust with the people around them.

  5. Someone who recognizes and sparks the inner SpitFire in others.

Remember how you felt when you first started working…

You had unlimited stores of energy and nothing could stop you. New ideas and creativity oozed out of you. You couldn’t wait to tackle the day!

But then the stress and pressure of juggling a family with an insane commute, balancing budgets that kept getting tighter, executing under tight timelines, exceeding expectations and being all things to all people became too much. Before you knew it, you started feeling like you were faking it to get through the day, you were lucky to get five hours of sleep, the gym and a social life became a distant memory, and you started resenting your career, relationships and everything you used to love.

This story, unfortunately, has become more of the norm. With competing priorities and distractions, our needs get knocked to the bottom of the list and we’re left feeling unappreciated, frustrated and drained. If you think going away on a vacation or getting a new job is going to make it all better, you may be left in the same or worse position. (I know it, because I lived it and then wrote a book about it and started a podcast.)

As a professional certified executive and business coach, I have dedicated my practice to working with busy professionals to get back to what’s important, make decisions that prioritize and serve their values and passion first, and ultimately help them rediscover their former SpitFire self.


Benefits of Coaching

I can’t wait to teach you The SpitFire Coaching Toolkit and take you from feeling burnt out to fired up! Here are some of my clients’ success stories.

  • Enjoyment - Enjoying life inside and outside of work. Making time for health, family, and big-picture planning.

  • Evolution - Successfully transitioned out of a 20+ year career and into a new position within 6 months.

  • Innovation -  Challenging assumptions and status quo. Embracing and leveraging fear to open up new opportunities.

  • Productivity - 50% increase in workload capacity. Less time spent on distractions and more time digging into projects that matter.

  • Empowerment - “The SpitFire Coaching Toolkit put me in the driver seat to make decisions that put me first. I am more confident than I’ve ever felt before!”

  • Collaboration - Increased engagement with the team. Everyone has a voice and feels open to contribute.

  • Focus - With a clear plan and accountability along the way, goals are checked off efficient and effectively.

  • Profitability - More than double billing rate and revenue in less than a year.


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