There is a method to the madness

It's true no two clients are the same and each session is treated as a new adventure to get to your goals. The above process provides an outline for those detail hunters out there.

We start out by getting to know each other and building a framework of expectations, accountability and frequency of our meetings and check ins.

The we move into establishing your Values Compass that will help us navigate to your drivers and your "why."

Next we dive into your passion and purpose discovery. Ever imagined what it could be like to work and live in your joy? That's what we'll play around in.

Once we've created your Purpose Play Land, we can start building your Ideal Life/Leader RoapMap including your Mission Statement. We'll also use visioning exercises to pick up on all the details you want to bring into your world.

Then we're ready to make some plans and build out your AIM-SMART or Meta Plan. After this it's all about the Sound Boarding and Trampolining of Ideas and Reflections.

Depending on your pace, this can take a 1-6 months. It's all up to you!

Contact me to get started on your Ideal Life Road Map!