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September 23, 2019

September 25, 2019

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September 30, 2019

October 1, 2019

My organization recently hosted the Day of Innovation conference in Indianapolis. Lauren led one of our breakout sessions at the event. She was a pleasure to work with and received some great reviews for her session: “She (Lauren) gave me several takeaways that I have already used back at my organization. She appropriately scoped her material such that it both gave me usable pieces but also left me interested in learning more. Additionally her delivery was engaging and energizing. Quite honestly, her session made the day for me.” “Lauren LeMunyan did a great job in her breakout session. She related well, explained things effectively and helped draw parallels to my day-to-day.”
— Jason Williams, Executive Director, Centric - Indiana's Innovation Network
We were thrilled to have Lauren present at a recent professional development workshop for the DC EcoWomen! She is an incredibly engaging speaker with a creative and fresh perspective. Her presentation was perfectly tailored to our members and left those in attendance feeling inspired and motivated.
— Renee Albrecht, Contractor US EPA


Need Some SpitFire Energy In Your Organization?

Book The SpitFire Coach for your conferences, conventions, workshops or team building meetings. Her bold and direct approach to dynamic communication and conflict resolution, will educate, entertain and engage attendees. 

Below are a sampling of workshops and presentations we’ve developed.

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Prioritization Hacks.jpg

“Prioritization Hacks: How to Get Your Weekend Back”

You can be a magician, rock star and plate juggler, but did you know that you ARE NOT a robot?! 

That’s right there are only a certain number of hours in a day to make the magic happen, so how can you get all of those super urgent and time-sensitive tasks done?

If you answered, “On the weekend,” this interactive workshop is made for you!

Learn how to prioritize, customize and awesomize your work day. Hear from former Association Executive and certified executive coach, Lauren LeMunyan (The SpitFire Coach) as she gives you the tools, tactics and shifts to put you back in the driver’s seat of your schedule where you can truly enjoy your weekends away from your inbox.

Participants will:
* Understand your ideal working mindset
* Learn how to decisively say yes and no
* Define your effective working preferences
* Build your time maximizing strategy
* Communicate your must-haves and deal breakers

Meeting People Where They Are.jpg

“Meeting People Where They Are: How to Deploy Empathy in Your Crisis Communication Strategy”

October 15, 2018, Advanced Learning Institute, Crisis Communication Conference

October 15, 2018, Advanced Learning Institute, Crisis Communication Conference

What makes a company connect or shut down communication in a crisis? What makes all relationships breakdown? Unmet Expectations. We all know what assumption makes, but how can companies create a win-win out of a wallop of chaos? Certified life and business coach, Lauren LeMunyan, leverages empathy with core energy coaching to give professionals the tools to understand the core thoughts, beliefs, triggers, and desires of all impacted parties. No more one-sided talking points and tone deaf responses. It's time to meet people where they are and not become the next United, Uber, or Equifax.

Program Time: 2 Hours


“The 55/5 Rule to Solution Based Innovation”

How much time do you spend innovating? What are you focusing your time on? In this session, we’ll prioritize your time and innovation strategy to focus on your target market’s experience using real world examples. 

 Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  1. A deeper understanding of the 55/5 Rule 

  2. Increased effectiveness in your innovation strategy 

  3. Enhanced buy-in and engagement from stakeholders and end users 

Program Time: 1 Hour

The Triple D Method to Time Management.jpg

“The Triple D Method to Decision-Making”

Are you trying to be all things to all people? This method takes you out of the passenger seat of "yes to others" and "no to you" and into the driver seat of "Hell Yes!" using a 3-step process.

The Triple D Method to Time Management. All decisions will be based on the following three criteria:

women in trucking 11 13 2018.jpg
  1. Doability: Can it be done with the current resources (time, skill, and manpower) as requested? If no, see “Delegatability.” If yes, see “Desirability.”

  2. Desirability: Does this feel like a treat or punishment? If it’s a treat, get it done! If it’s a punishment, see “Delegability” or use the power of “No.”

  3. Delegatability: Can this task realistically be performed by someone other than you?  If yes, delegate away. If no, and it failed the “Desirability” and “Doability,” that’s a “Triple D Fail.”

Key Objectives/Takeaways Participants Will Learn: 

  • Learn the Triple D Method

  • Identify Signs and Areas of Burnout and Overload

  • Create a Strategy for Decision Making

  • Learn Strategies of Saying "No" without Saying the Word.

Program Time: 1 Hour

Lauren has consistently provided exemplary, “out of the box” strategic guidance to our non-profit. Her unique, honest, and constructive optic is a refreshing approach to coaching and strategy. Looking forward to continuing to work with her!
— Bryan Mabry, Bellator Recruiting