Entrepreneur Testimonials | Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC

“I’m running full speed ahead on the latest project at work and am really excited about the creative process. My positive energy has even rubbed off on other team members who are not only excited, but willing to go above and beyond their time in order to produce a good product. I’m also finding more time with friends when not working… So, life is good.

Lauren has definitely helped me reconnect with my career potential and mental strength. This is only the beginning so I’m looking forward to many more sessions.

Lauren is truly the SpitFire she describes in her book.”

Regina A. October 1, 2019


Lauren broke down our walls and provided the space for our attendees to be authentic! Such a great event with powerful coaching!"

Tee Wright, Co-Founder Awesome Women Entrepreneurs DC Chapter

September 30, 2019


My team had the pleasure of working with Lauren on professional and personal development. As a group we worked on defining our own personal values and passions, so that we are able to come together as a team and combine our strengths to best serve our patients. When we bring our most authentic and confident selves to the profession of dentistry (we are a team of kind, empathetic, and driven women), our patients will always win. I am so thankful for Lauren creating a space in which my team was able to stretch outside our comfort zone and start the process of shifting our mindsets to achieve greater abundance. I am thankful, proud, and inspired by my team’s commitment to the practice of growth. When it comes to achieving goals, all too often we create our own road blocks — allowing self-limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving true fulfillment. Today we all learned to help ourselves, each other, and our patients overcome the negative narratives in our heads.

Joanna Claustro DMD September 25, 2019


Lauren has a rare gift for understanding her audience and adjusting her content so that each attendee leaves inspired and empowered to reach their goals. Lauren headlined a Get To Your Goals workshop for me at a women's networking group where she ran a visualization exercise, walked attendees through a goal setting worksheet, then engaged them in a group discussion what drew out their true goals and potential blocks. Everyone left energized and focused. Our attendees all sang The SpitFire Coach's praises. Lauren was thoughtful, energizing, and took the time to get to know our attendees. I can't wait to work with her again.

Lauren Kranich, Co-Founder, She Collective

August 12, 2019


Lauren did a great, engaging talk that I learned a lot from. She is clearly a very capable coach. I’d highly recommend Lauren speak at your event as well.

Leland Fiegel, Co-Organizer, DC Wordpress MeetUp August 20, 2019


Not sure what coaching could do for you?

In fewer than 60 minutes, Lauren helped me:

1. Clarify how to increase my satisfaction and extend my engagement with my consulting clients

2. Articulate a promising method for sourcing new clients

3. Frame my understanding of the value of my expertise to clients as it relates to compensation.

She attentively listened, energetically supported, and candidly challenged me, posing questions that I absolutely needed someone to ask. If you need a little bit of this in your professional or personal life, please look Lauren up!

Tracy Vanneman CAE. April 9, 2019


When I started coaching with Lauren, I didn't have a specific end goal in mind. I just knew that I wanted to get better and feel better about myself and my work. From our very first conversation, I felt like Lauren was always able to get to the heart of the issue and guide me towards pinpointing a handful of steps to achieve my goals. Her insights helped everything fall into place and gave me a clearer vision of my own strengths. She always made me feel completely empowered, reminding me that I had all of the skills I needed inside of me already - I just needed her to help coax them out. The level of improvement I've experienced since starting to work with Lauren is completely beyond any expectation I could have had. I'm more focused, adventurous, confident, and making strides that seemed to be years away, but Lauren helped me get there in months, if not weeks. She's the best!

Erica Varlese, Automattic November 2018