Entrepreneur Testimonials | Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC
When I started coaching with Lauren, I didn’t have a specific end goal in mind. I just knew that I wanted to get better and feel better about myself and my work. From our very first conversation, I felt like Lauren was always able to get to the heart of the issue and guide me towards pinpointing a handful of steps to achieve my goals. Her insights helped everything fall into place and gave me a clearer vision of my own strengths. She always made me feel completely empowered, reminding me that I had all of the skills I needed inside of me already - I just needed her to help coax them out. The level of improvement I’ve experienced since starting to work with Lauren is completely beyond any expectation I could have had. I’m more focused, adventurous, confident, and making strides that seemed to be years away, but Lauren helped me get there in months, if not weeks. She’s the best!
— Erica Varlese, Automattic