Attention Entrepreneurs: Stop Your “Hustle”, “Grind” and “Struggle”

You may have a shirt or mug with a version of one of these phrases…

“Rise and Grind”

“The Hustle is Real”

“The Struggle is Necessary”

It’s become the mantra for entrepreneurs and new business owners. “I’ve gotta struggle, hustle and grind to make it” you think to yourself.

Really?! When did that become desirable or cool?

That’s the mindset you want to wake up to everyday? That’s your inspiration for leaving your cozy guaranteed paycheck with benefits and days off?

“Sleep is for the weak. I’ll sleep with I’m dead.”

Good luck with that. Sleep deprivation is the killer of your healthy, clarity and creativity. You know, those necessary elements needed to start and run a business.

“Entrepreneurship is risky. I’ve gotta throw everything I have at it.”

Yes, with anything there are risks, but before you go investing in online master classes, programs, software and virtual assistants, get yourself a plan. Sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. Well first make sure you get some sleep and are hydrated (self-care is paramount). Calculate your risks.

Get Real With Yourself.

What are you willing to lose financially, energetically, logistically? How much time do you currently have to spare? What is reasonable to accomplish with that time? Can you stay in your current position while you build your dream?

What’s Your Urgency Really About?

Anytime I hear people talk about their business with any of those three words, it’s a red flag. This can be about proving to others that you’re a success, challenging the naysayers, or providing for your family. The common theme — these are all externally charged, which makes you more prone to burn out and a short fuse of patience.

“Well I didn’t mean those words like that.”

Words are powerful and also provide clues to inner dialogues. I suggest you explore your own internal conversation about what being an entrepreneur is really about. It’s not glamorous, but no where is it written that you can’t enjoy yourself, have a balanced life or have fun. If you want to chase those millions and billions, go for it, but first ask yourself why. Why is that figure or target so important? How will it change things in your life? What small steps can you take today towards living your most fulfilling life?

“Do you not like money or something?”

Oh I love money! I love saving it, investing it and earning it. I know it flows and comes in when I’m in my most powerful state. When I stop worrying what everyone thinks or where the next check is going to come from, I take the necessary steps to attract in awesome opportunities.

The next time you think about your finances — do you want to grind, hustle or struggle? Choose your words carefully. They have more power than you think.