Reclaiming My Brand: The SpitFire Coach

spitfire coach.png

Two years ago I awoke from a meditation with an intense amount of clarity about my coaching brand – The SpitFire Coach. Everything felt right about it from the imagery to the powerful message. I wanted to help clients find their inner passion and fire and learn how to effectively express it to the world.

The tagline came quickly soon after – Uncovering Your Truth and Fire One Conversation at a Time.

Then came the logo – A blue and orange figure filled with confidence, freedom and fun.

I set up the website and started creating content and felt that I was on my way.

Then I had two critical conversations – critical in the direction and critical about the name.  “It’s too aggressive.” “What if someone has been impacted by a fire?” “I don’t think you’d be able to work in corporate with that name.” “It feels to sweat lodge/fire walker.”

I was in a place in my business where I wasn't bringing in the number of clients that I could say that it was working, but I also hadn't given it enough time. I was unsure and allowed those words to impact me.

Then I did what I never thought I would do. I abandoned the brand and convinced myself that I needed to more general, accessible and corporate friendly. I created Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC to become all things to all people. As a result, I felt my message get watered down and less potent for who I wanted to work with. I love my logo and my website now and think it works for the business coaching world.

But, what I’ve found in coaching business owners and emerging leaders, is they all want to find their fire and feel confident expressing it in business development, message creation, and discovering new opportunities.

In the process of uncovering their values, mission, purpose, and goals in marketing, website, social media, etc, I’ve observed the same pattern emerge. When my clients know who they are and trust their intuition and gut, nothing gets in their way. They make clear cut decisions, can see big picture vision, attract in new business and opportunities, say no to relationships and situations that don’t work for them, and so much more. When they get to their core fire, they start spitting out ideas and can’t be stopped.

Essentially through coaching, they embraced their inner SpitFire.

I just recently connected the dots after being challenged to create a podcast. I needed a name and then of course it hit me – The SpitFire Podcast. Where people can talk about their process and journey to their passion and the challenges they face along the way.

I want to leverage this system to help individuals and groups tap into their internal power and own the space they want. I want people to live without fear or judgment and put themselves out there as their true SpitFire self.

So this is my proclamation. The SpitFire Coach is back and more fired up than ever!