Feeling Insecure About Self-Promotion? Get Yourself a Hype (Wo)Man

HyPe (wo)man.jpg

It may be hard to believe, but selling my events, products and services can sometimes be unnerving. I am confident in what I do, but the ask and selling points can get muddied by internal judgment and fear of rejection.

If this is the case for you, I may have a promotion hack for you.

A Hype (Wo)Man

On two separate occasions this week I had two different friends step up in this space.

First, my friend Stephanie, who is an amazing connector and supporter of women pursuing their passion. A few weeks ago I reached out to her for input on a new event I wanted to test out. She immediately jumped in and offered to send inclusive and exclusive invitations on my behalf. The event is next week and sold out yesterday with amazing women in attendance!

Second is my friend LJ Samuel, who is a Criminologist by day, and violence deterrence educator. We met to talk about what we were up to. She is now writing her second book. (Her first is Dear Diary you should read it).  I showed her my new Awesome Shit List Journal in her favorite color, purple. After chatting about strategy and brainstorming ideas, we dipped into the new bookstore in our neighborhood. After a brief browse, she suggested the journal for the store. That little boost gave me the confidence to ask and to my surprise I got an email for the buyer.

What Makes the Hype So Effective?

When other people vouch for you, it creates a line of trust with an endorsement. Their stamp of approval to their circle or even a brief mention, opens people out of thinking their being sold to. In my situation, it made me get out of my head and internal dialog. If others believed in me, I better believe in me too.

How Can You Get a Hyper (Wo)Man?

Start observing your circle. Is there a person or two who sings your praises or loves to promote people? Tap them and ask for help. Trust me, they love to feel needed and want to contribute to your success. Chances are you may be one of these people who already do it for other people.

Guess what? It’s your turn now to ask for help.

If you don’t have natural hypers around you, I would suggest joining a meet up group with similar interests and connecting with new social groups. You may be in a stuck social circle who is a little fear based.

If you are an artist, musician, or solo act, a manager may be really effective to speak on your behalf.

Whatever it is that you want to do, it’s time to stop playing small and start stretch your horizons and potential!