What I Learned Making My First Training Video

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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Skillshare to create an online training series. I have dabbled in video with the 20-episode weekly series “Water Cooler Wednesdays.” After some consideration, I thought “why not?” if anything this will be a great learning lesson.

I’m happy to say I’ve published my first class which you can check out at the following link:

Here’s what I learned in the process:

1.     Shooting an interesting video is hard.

2.     This Takes a Long Time! 8.5 hours for 29 minutes

3.     “Winging It” is not a good strategy.

4.     Use a script.

5.     Create a presentation and outline.

6.     Shoot on a cloudy day during the day. Natural light is best.

7.     Make your space something you’d want to look at for an extended time.

8.     Breath.

9.     Smile.

10.   Take Breaks.

11.   Ask for Help!


Feel free to check out my first video here: Ideal Leader Action Plan