My 2018 Business Goals

Earlier today I designed a graphic for a client representing her dream life in 10 years. She's a public figure and wants to expand her reach into the media world. I immediately thought of designing her a magazine cover. It was awesome (she thought so too!). I sent it over and wondered why I hadn't done it for myself.

Like most inspirational tools I design, they are inspired by my clients. I actually really love developing visual tools to help them see their progress, goals, and ideal images. I've created an Ideal Leader, Ideal Client, Life Map, Value Compass and now 10-Year Dream Board Image.

So I designed myself one for 2018 with my goals. I'm going big, because why the hell not?! I'm big on setting intentions and sharing it with others. So if you're reading this and you want to be a part of me making big moves in 2018, you can get started in 2017!

Here is the image.

2018map LL.jpg

2018 Goals

  1. Make it on a magazine cover

  2. Known as "Spitting Some Fire" in my "Super Fucking Magical Coaching" and hosting "The SpitFire Podcast"

  3. 25+ Paid Speaking Gigs

  4. 15 Active Clients Per Month

  5. 2 Published Books

  6. The SpitFire Podcast is killing it in downloads and sponsorship

  7. Ongoing referrals for Confidence and Leadership Training for Existing and Emerging CEOs

  8. I live by the motto "If It's Not Fun, Why Do It?!

  9. I am a catalyst of positive change

  10. I help people take care of themselves, so they can take care of business.

  11. Quadruple 2017 Revenue

Before 2018 is here, I'd love to see your goals. Feel free to post them in the comment section or email it to me lauren@laurenlemunyan.com

Where Are My Blind Spots?


I haven’t thought about blind spots since I owned a car two years ago. They highlighted an unseen risk that could be avoided if I changed my position or perspective. This usually required looking over my shoulder, using another mirror or asking a passenger to look.

During my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator certification, I also got to dive into my own blind spots. “There’s no way I have those.” I thought. “I'm super self-aware of my faults and weaknesses.”

So wrong.

When we think of decision-making, we can break it down into four components for simplicity sake.

1)      Gathering the Facts

2)      Brainstorming and Building the Plan

3)      Executing the Plan

4)      Gaining Buy In

With my personality type (ENTP), I was able to highlight my dominant reaction (Intuition), or building the plan, followed by executing the plan. I love being inspired and going into action and making it happen.

What’s missing? The details and the buy in.

By skipping over the facts, I wasn’t able to fully address roadblocks or alternative options. I had the shell of the plan, but waited until it was necessary to figure out the details.

When I didn’t have buy in, I found myself feeling misunderstood or unsupported in my endeavors. In order to get the buy in, I needed the details to support it.

This is a very simplistic view of the decision-making process, but highlights a critical flaw that we all share. Whatever our process, we can overlook or overcompensate our strengths leaving us without the full and complete picture.


If you’d like to get a full report and debrief of your MBTI type, contact me for a full assessment and session.