Episode 73: Getting to the Core of Your Frustration


Do you find yourself getting frustrated on a regular basis? If you're like most people, you may be pointing the finger at a person, situation, obligation or annoyance.

But what if you could shift the impact of your frustration and own your role in the impact of it?

In today's episode, Lauren dives into her own experience with "putting her frustration on the table" and examining where it came from and what she could do about it.

Episode 72: New Beginnings: Reemerging after Grief


If you've ever beaten yourself up for falling off course after a traumatic event or substantial change in your life, this episode is for you.

After almost two months, Lauren emerges to share what she's learned in the process or reemerging after the loss of her furry companion, Rico Suave.

We're all humans being the best we can. So it's time to drop our judgment, perfection and go-go-go mode and start listening to what we really need.

Episode 64: Help V. Support


Inspired by a recent coaching session, I wanted to dive into the difference between help and support. So many times we think we "need to" or "have to" help someone, but what are attaching and assuming about ourselves and the other person.

Listen to episode 64 and hear the subtle difference between help and support and decide for yourself which word empowers you more.

BONUS: Personal Branding Playbook Workshop from March 5, 2019 at Mindspace for International Women's Week

On March 5th, 2019, Lauren hosted a workshop on Personal Branding at the Mindpace co-working space in Washington, DC in honor of Innovation Women's presentation of International Women's Week, and decided to record the event through her lapel microphone.

Lauren worked with these 25 professionals as the dug deep into what makes up their personal brand. Take a listen to the live recording of Lauren's presentation and the hot seat moments when participants worked out their personal brand with the crowd.

Episode 61: Is Bigger Always Better in Business with Sharon Rowe

spitfire podcast 2019 guests (6).jpg

After cherry-picking from the stellar list of experts of Sparkle Hustle Grow, I found the awesome founder, CEO and author of The Magic of Tiny Business Sharon Rowe. 


We’re talking about what it means to be a Tiny business and how it has helped Sharon succeed with her awesome business Eco Bags. www.ecobags.com


Check out more about Sharon here: www.sharonrowe.com


Pick up a copy of The Magic of Tiny Business here: https://amzn.to/2S6TuKS

Episode 59: Using Your Bottom with Bobby Plagmann

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My buddy Bobby Plagmann has been through it. A few years ago he hit his rock bottom, but rather than be held back with shame, he has elevated to a higher level of health, self-love and Creativity. . 

Hear about how he uses his fear, compassion and curiosity to live out loud. 

Bobby is a yoga instructor, musician and recently starred in the HBO documentary “We Are Not Done Yet.” 

We Are Not Done Yet WeAreNotDoneYetFilm.com


Episode 58: Owning Your Schedule and Time with Miss United States, Andromeda Peters

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When we last saw Andromeda Peters she was sporting the Miss Virginia Unites States crown and sash and was preparing for Miss United States. Her days were filled with physical, mental and emotional training all while working her full-time job as a licensed therapist. She thought she was busy then...

Then she won Miss United States and her past view of a full schedule seemed laughable. Now her days are filled with appearances, traveling, and getting glammed up all while still working her full-time job.

So how does she do it all without burning out?

Andromeda's got some tools for all of our schedule-overloaders to get in the driver's seat of your calendar.

Episode 57: Minding Your Mindfulness in Business Guest Co-Host: Erin Sonn of Eat Yoga Drink

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What do having to go to the bathroom and flaming bags of dog waste have to do with mindfulness?

Today Erin Sonn of Eat Yoga Drink returns to give us an update on what she's been up to since Episode 4. We're talking about the benefits and misconceptions of a mindful practice. 


More About Eat Yoga Drink


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EatYogaDrink/ 


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Episode 56: Sparking and Maintaining Your Creativity with Guest Host: KiKi L'Italien

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Guest Co-Host, KiKi L'Italien of Association Chat and Amplified Growth, has her debut on The SpitFire Podcast as we discuss where creativity, productivity and motivation come from and how we can better sustain it in the most stressful times.

Find out Lauren and KiKi's tips of inspiration and maintaining that energy.

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