Episode 80: How to Master the Interview (for Interviewers and Interviewees)

Why do interviews have to be so stressful?

What if we could really get to know someone's true potential and talents rather than pre-cooked questions and surface level responses?

This week Lauren has been diving into interviewing for a virtual assistant position with The SpitFire Coach.  Hear her tips and suggestions to nailing an interview and what to do if you're the one interviewing.

Episode 78: Self-Care Confessionals

Confession: I suck at self-care.

Confession: I am nasty when I don't take care of myself.

Confession: I need help taking care of myself.


Ever notice how what we do best for other's we suck at doing for ourselves? Even coaches aren't immune - we're human too!

Hear what Lauren's doing about it and what you can do to get real about your self-care.

Episode 77: How and When to Leave a Toxic Workplace

If you get ready for work every day with a pit in your stomach and a nagging “here we go” feeling, you just may have found yourself in a toxic environment.


While it might be tempting to run away with your middle finger high, this won’t prevent similar issues from occurring again somewhere new.


To tackle your toxic workplace once and for all, it’s time to take accountability and assess your role in the situation.

Episode 74: Your Operating Principles and Universal Rules

Organizations rely on operating principles to put their values into practice and get things done efficiently. While this is a typical process in the corporate world, what would happen if you applied this framework to yourself? 

Episode 73: Getting to the Core of Your Frustration


Do you find yourself getting frustrated on a regular basis? If you're like most people, you may be pointing the finger at a person, situation, obligation or annoyance.

But what if you could shift the impact of your frustration and own your role in the impact of it?

In today's episode, Lauren dives into her own experience with "putting her frustration on the table" and examining where it came from and what she could do about it.

Episode 72: New Beginnings: Reemerging after Grief


If you've ever beaten yourself up for falling off course after a traumatic event or substantial change in your life, this episode is for you.

After almost two months, Lauren emerges to share what she's learned in the process or reemerging after the loss of her furry companion, Rico Suave.

We're all humans being the best we can. So it's time to drop our judgment, perfection and go-go-go mode and start listening to what we really need.

Episode 64: Help V. Support


Inspired by a recent coaching session, I wanted to dive into the difference between help and support. So many times we think we "need to" or "have to" help someone, but what are attaching and assuming about ourselves and the other person.

Listen to episode 64 and hear the subtle difference between help and support and decide for yourself which word empowers you more.