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Episode 78: Self-Care Confessionals

Confession: I suck at self-care.

Confession: I am nasty when I don't take care of myself.

Confession: I need help taking care of myself.


Ever notice how what we do best for other's we suck at doing for ourselves? Even coaches aren't immune - we're human too!

Hear what Lauren's doing about it and what you can do to get real about your self-care.

Episode 74: Your Operating Principles and Universal Rules

Organizations rely on operating principles to put their values into practice and get things done efficiently. While this is a typical process in the corporate world, what would happen if you applied this framework to yourself? 

Episode 73: Getting to the Core of Your Frustration


Do you find yourself getting frustrated on a regular basis? If you're like most people, you may be pointing the finger at a person, situation, obligation or annoyance.

But what if you could shift the impact of your frustration and own your role in the impact of it?

In today's episode, Lauren dives into her own experience with "putting her frustration on the table" and examining where it came from and what she could do about it.

Episode 20: Growing Bold with Patricia Brooks

The SpitFire Podcast: Growing Bold with Patricia Brooks
patricia brooks (1).jpg

Assumption: Introverts are Home Bodies that Don't Take Risks

Fact: Patricia Brooks is an introvert who quit her job, wrote a book and moved to France to a city she didn't know a soul in.

How does someone who didn't own a passport until 2013, get the courage to put herself out there, write a book and start fresh in a brand new country and city? Here Patricia Brooks' story and find out how.

About Patricia Brooks

Patricia Brooks is a certified life coach and speaker.  She is the author of Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life You Live.  Known as The Courage Catalyst, Patricia helps people, who are underwhelmed by the life they are living, find what makes them happiest.  She inspires them to take bold action and pursue their dreams so they can live the extraordinary lives they were meant to live.


During the course of her 25-year project management career in Corporate America, Patricia found herself dissatisfied and underwhelmed with her life. After the deaths of her parents she woke up to the reality that life is short.  Not wanting to die without really having lived, she decided to follow her dream.  Now Patricia has grown bold and is walking the talk. She is currently living in France where she continues to coach and write her next book.



Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life You Love

Vivez une vie d’audace

The Courage Catalyst Blog

Patricia’s YouTube Channel


Snag yourself a copy of Growing Bold: How to Overcome Fear, Build Confidence, and Love the Life You Live

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