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Certified Business And Executive Coach

At the age of six, Lauren tasted her first drop of entrepreneurship and was hooked (literally). What started as way to cure boredom while hanging out with some octogenarians, Lauren learned the art of crochet and quickly mastered hat-making. She sped up her process (down to 15 minutes a hat) and sold enough in a young designer market in New York City to pay her way through college while attending Rutgers.

Fast-forward two decades filled with a successful career in association management and multiple business launches, this SpitFire Coach now teaches creative entrepreneurs and passionate professionals how to streamline their focus, reduce stress and make magic happen. Lauren incorporates a fun, direct and intuitive-based coaching process to build clear, concise and creative strategies in marketing, branding, operations, hiring and business development.

When she's not combating gremlins and energy blocks, Lauren spends her time in Washington, DC with her personality-packed English Bulldog, Rico Suave where she also produces and hosts a weekly business-focused podcast - The SpitFire Podcast. And if that isn't enough fire spitting, she can be found up and down the East Coast performing on stage as the Bluegrass-Americana Rapper, JRSY FRSH.



With the directness born in New Jersey and strategic insight cultivated in Washington, DC, I help my clients find the fun and passion in their work and home life. Starting from the foundations of leadership coaching, I work with creative business owners and passionate professionals to build their vision and mission, establish their values, set goals, and hold them accountable through each milestone. 


I work with high performing creative and energetic business leaders who have more ideas than they know what to do with that are looking for structure, balance and a trusted resource to develop ideas and strategy. My entrepreneurial-spirited clients are kicking ass and taking names in the tech, apparel, media, graphic design, nonprofit and fitness industries.


Starting from the age of six when I learned how to crochet, I have always been driven by creating, selling and adjusting my approach. This little hobby grew to a full-scale business and supported my tuition expenses while attending Rutgers University. I hung up my hooks for the corporate world in 2005, where I excelled in the ranks, but didn’t feel the same creative passion. After co-founding a CrossFit Gym in Las Vegas and coaching professionals, the light bulb went off. I needed to launch people into their awesomeness on a greater scale. After getting certified as a professional coach and reaching the PCC certification level, I combined my 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience with the tools and tactics of a certified coach.

Now for the real reason - I know how much it takes emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually to try something new and to see it through. When every voice inside you and around you is telling you to give up or not try, it can be extremely frustrating and demoralizing when you experience a set back or the dreaded "No!" I want to be that encouragement and catalyst for positive change in your life. I get jazzed up with every powerful decision my clients make. My clients are my inspiration and renewable resource to spark my creativity, content and further education. Don't believe me? Read the testimonials here. 


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